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My story

As a personal nutrition guide, my greatest passion is to help you make better food choices resulting in a healthier and happier you. I understand that your needs and preferences are completely unique, so your journey with me begins with the development of your personal nutrition profile. Once you have completed your profile, I can provide you with nutrition advice and recipes that I have tailored specifically to your needs.


Your Noory profile can be viewed and updated at any time in the Noory dashboard. Here, I will also provide you with tailored meal plans and food logging so that you can keep track of all your nutritional progress.

Sign up and let me help you achieve your goals!

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Meet the team behind Noory! With in-depth knowledge of nutrition, user experience and Artificial Intelligence we have the essential ingredients needed to make Noory your ultimate personal nutrition guide.

Jochem Bossenbroek

Founder, CEO

Entrepreneur in life sciences and nutrition

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Fleur Pasman

Chief Operating Officer

Registered clinical dietitian

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Rutger Kramer

Chief Technology Officer

Experienced software development leader

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Tim Wedde

Software & A.I Engineer

Machine learning & digital architecture expert

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Alessia Carrafiello

Project Manager & Nutritionist

Dietitian and nutrition expert

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Vicky Dimcevska

Nutrition Content Manager

Registered dietitian and nutrition expert

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Kayla Fenwick

User Experience Designer

User Interface & Interaction Design Engineer

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Enabling better food choices to improve health and wellbeing

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