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Nutrition care,

the smart way

The shortest route to align nutritional intake with health and treatment objectives. For use at home and in healthcare settings.

Our solutions

NooryMed is our trusted nutrition care system that enables healthcare professionals to easily suggest evidence-based & tailored nutrition plans to patients.

Personal nutrition guide Noory supports individuals to follow tailored diet plans in the comfort of their own home.

Our core values

Evidence based information

Nutrition profiles follow the applicable healthy eating and nutrition guidelines as used in dietary practice.


We thrive on innovation, combining health expertise with cutting-edge technology.


Full transparency is ingrained in our interaction with users and stakeholders.

Privacy and end-user control

We adhere to the principles of GDPR. Our users stay in control over their data.

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About Noory

Noory has been designed to bring nutrition to the forefront of healthcare. To be used in curative settings, for pre- and rehabilitation, to reduce dietary risk factors, in healthcare prevention and for enhancing overall vitality.


Noory builds on a trusted approach rooted in evidence-based practice.


It has been created by a highly motivated team of professionals in life sciences, nutrition and dietetics and software engineering.

The smart way to nutrition care

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