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Hi, I'm Noory

Your personal nutrition guide 

Completely free

Secure data storage

Based on your unique needs and preferences, I provide you with tailored meal plans that align with your goals. Stop worrying about what to eat & start feeling empowered.

This is what I can do for you

I securely store your dietary needs and preferences

Once you have set up your Noory profile, I keep your preferences in a convenient dashboard, which you can easily access and adjust as desired.


I automatically adapt recipes

Based on your personal profile, I swap in the optimal
ingredients.  Your recipes are tailored by me to accommodate your needs.

I create meal plans

I provide you with daily and weekly meal plans as well as a food diary.  This way you can easily align your nutritional intake with your personal needs.

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I show how a meal matches your nutritional needs

See the nutritional values of a meal and where they deviate from your needs. 

Let me support you in reaching your goals!

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Manage your food allergies and intolerances

Improve your gut health


your weight

Live a healthier


Live a more

sustainable lifestyle

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