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Bringing nutrition to the forefront of healthcare

NooryMed is a trusted nutrition management system that enables healthcare professionals to easily implement nutrition management in their daily practice, positively impacting patient care and work efficiency.

NooryMed communicates with Noory, designed to empower patients in optimising their nutritional intake at home.

Our trusted partners

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Interested in exploring NooryMed?

NooryMed is currently being validated in breast cancer care, but it can be used in other therapeutic domains as well. Do you want to discover the benefits of NooryMed, while helping us optimise the system? Reach out to explore a pilot partnership!

What defines us

Most powerful engine

A system based on the most advanced meal personalisation engine in the world with the ability to collect, ingest and process dozens of personal data points into a fully personalised meal plan.

Safe and secure

A trusted and GDPR-proof approach based on medical grade standards, nutrition science and guidelines.

Time and cost efficient

An automated nutrition management system, minimising effort on your side as much as possible.

Continuously updated

A system connected with your patients for continuous monitoring of their health status and diet adherence.

Interested in exploring NooryMed?

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